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Karya has a population of 833 inhabitants and is located at the foothills of the south side of Mount Olympus. Despite being a small village it has a rich tradition, both mythological and folk. In ancient times close to Karya was located the town of Leivithra which tradition has it that was the birthplace of Orpheus.  Eight km from Karya is Klimadon Monastery (which today is known as Naidrion of Agia Triada) which played an important role during the Turkish occupation. The contribution of Kanalon Monastery was also significant during the same period, which is a monastery of the 9th century located seven km along the Karya – Leptokarya road. The visitor can also go to Xerolaka which is an organised recreation area with hiking paths close to Ziliana River, Samara spring or Spilaio tou Moria (Moria Cave) in Bechtesi which was used as a refuge by guerrillas.